Fore Rib of Beef Boned and Rolled

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  • Fore Rib of Beef Boned and Rolled

The Rolls-Royce of roasts, boned and rolled for easy carving.

With classic rib marbling running through it, this robust, meaty joint is richly flavoured. Enjoy roasted with garlic and thyme and serve with a red wine gravy.

For best results, take your joint out of the fridge and let it sit at room temperature for about an hour before roasting. This will help to ensure that your joint roasts evenly and stays tender.


For roasting joints such as sirloin, rib, topside, brisket, silverside and mini joints, use the following table to calculate your cooking times:


Roasting times Oven temperature Internal temperature:

Rare 20 min per 450g (1lb) + 20 min 180 C / Gas 4 60 C

Medium 25 min per 450g (1lb) + 25 min 180 C / Gas 4 70 C

Well done 30 min per 450g (1lb) + 30 min 180 C / Gas 4 80 C

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