Minted lamb steaks

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  • Minted lamb steaks

Ideal grilled, fried or barbecued.

Coat the meat in oil instead of adding oil to the barbecue grill or hotplate. If the meat has been marinated lightly pat it dry with absorbent paper (this helps the meat brown rather than stew).

Ensure the barbecue is hot before you cook; the meat should sizzle as it makes contact with the plate or grill.

Cook one side until the first sign of moisture appears on the upper side, turn and cook other side. Turn once only for rare and medium. For well-done turn a second time once moisture re-appears and reduce temperature until cooked. Use tongs rather than a barbecue fork to turn the meat.

Test for doneness with tongs. Rare is soft when pressed, medium is springy but soft and well done is very firm. Remove steak, cover it loosely, and rest it in a warm place for few minutes before serving.

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